Standard Service

                Our Standard service includes mowing the entire lawn, line trimming around trees, flower beds, fence posts, and etc.  We edge all sidewalks and driveways with a steel edger blade.  Our crews use mulching mowers, which benefit  the overall health of the lawn.  Bagging grass is available for a small upcharge, for the extra time that it takes us.






Full Service

                Our full service program includes the standard service in addition to trimming the bushes and cleaning out flowers beds each time we are at your property.  This is the best service to ensure your lawn and landscape looks its best.






Bush Trimming

                Our crews will come out and trim all your bushes to a well manicured look and take all of the debris with them.  The bush trimming service is a call in as needed service, which is charged on an hourly basis of $65/hr for a two man crew.

Other Services

                Some of the other services the Lawn Man provides are planting seasonal flowers and mulching beds.  Contact us for details and pricing for these services.  Should you have any other service needs please contact us to see if it something the Lawn Man can provide.  If it’s something we can not do we will refer you to someone that can.


Call  today to get signed up and rest assured that your lawn will be taken care of with great detail.